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Battery-free luggage scale



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Portable scale,environment-friendly

Battery-free,generate power by shaking the scale

Advanced battery free self-charging technology has been adopted.Save energy and environment-friendly,it can be fully charged by shaking,give you an amazing experience.

Slim and small appearance,easy to take

For people who are often to travel or go on a business trip,portable is the most important thing. The luggage scale has slim and small appearance,it can be put on your pocket or bag,weight your luggage anywhere.

High precision strain gauge sensor system

Strain gauge sensor system weight the gravity quickly and accurate.

High density nylon ribbon with metal clasp,solid and durable

High density nylon ribbon with metal clasp to ensure its stability.The ribbon can be put away easily to prevent tangle.

High-definition LCD display

High definition LCD display,you can read the weight easily

Lock the numeric values automatically.

When the numeric value shows for 2 seconds,it would be locked automatically. The value showed in the display is the weight of the objects.

Unit:kg / lb, shift by one button

Press and hold”M/T” to shift the units between lb and kg to meet the different weighting requirements


If you want to know the weight of object B in luggage A, use the scale to weight A first,then press ”M/T” button shortly to enter the tare mode,when it displays ”0.00kg”,put B into A,the weight of B will be showed on the display.

Auto power off

After using the scale for 60s, the scale will shutdown automatically

Low battery/Overload indicate

When power is low,the battery indicator will be empty and twinkling.When the scale is over-loaded (more than 50kg), the screen will appear "Err".

MAX capacity:50kg/Index value:50g

MIN capacity:200g


1. Keep the object vertical and avoid shaking to affect the accurate.

2. This produc is only for household use and must not be used for commercial purposes.

3. Do not overload the max capacity(50 kg) in case of damaging the sensor.

4. Do not use chemical solvent to wipe this product, it can be cleaned by damp cloth with water, do not let water get into the scale.

5. To prolong the service life,do not place the product in a wet and hot environment.

6. Improper use,hit or drop will damage the product and cause danger.

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