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Functional digital kitchen scale



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Good looking,precise and accurate,tiny and slim design

4mm tempered safety glass platform

The tempered safety glass platform has strong impact resistance and good anti-fall performance. The scale has slim design and round body, simple and fashionable appearance,which is easy to clean.

High-definition LCD display

Innovative High-definition LCD display, read the food weight easily.

Touch-panel switch

It can be turned on with a lightly touch. It is different from the traditional switch and operating intelligently, which highlights the quality of life and consumption level.

Rubber Anti-skid feet

The basement is made by rubber which has good anti-skid performance to steady the scale for easy weighting.

4 accurate gauge sensor

Innovative technology has been adopted,4 accurate gauge sensor provides a precise weight.

The scale can recognize the calorie of 7 kinds of food

According to your eating requirements to costomize the content of calories of 7 kinds of food,to achieve balanced diet and healthy nutrition match.


Weight the vessel first,then press the "TARE"button.Put the ingredients into the vessel,and the weight of the ingredients will be showed on the display.

Swift units: kg/ lb/ oz/ml

Lightly touching "MODE" function key, swift four units :g/ lb/ oz/ ml (water/milk) by one button, meeting different weighing requirements.

Touching to start use, it will shut down automatically if you don't use it within 60 seconds


Power: 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries

Power:5mA,low power consumption,four batteries to serve a long life.

Over-load / Low power indication

When the scale is over-load(more than 10kg) or in low power, "Err" will be showed on display. You should reduce the weight or change the battery.


1. Do not drop or subject the scale to shocks as this may damage the unit.

2. Do not use chemical abrasive cleaners.

3. Clean the scale with a damp cloth, but do not allow water to enter the unit.

4. To ensure the serve life of the scale, please don’t put it in the wet and hot environment.

5. Please remove the battery from the scale if it has not been used for a long period.

6. If it doesn’t work when you open the scale, please check the battery and ensure the battery is with correct polarity. Please check if the battery need to be changed when the scale have been used for a long time, then try to start it again.

7. This scale is for family use only and should not be used commercially for any reasons at all.

8. Do not store the scale in upright position, only store flat.

9. Do not place the scale with other sundries.

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