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Battery-free body weight scale



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Precise and accurate; easy to track body health

Automatic power generation control, battery-free technology

Advanced battery free technology is adopted to save energy and protect the environment. It can generate power as long as it is pressed lightly once before use, giving a interesting using experience.

5mm tempered glass platform

The scale body is transparent with slim design, simple and fashionable appearance. The tempered glass material has strong resistance performance,the large scale surface makes the weighing experience more comfortable and the data more stable.

High precision strain gauge sensor system

Strain gauge sensor system weight the gravity quickly and accurate.

High definition and large LCD display

High definition and large LCD display,size:L71-W34mm,read the weight easily

Large rounded corners are designed to prevent collision

Rounded corners and body are designed to prevent feet collision.

Kg/lb 单位一键切换

A white button is on the back of LCD display,you can shift between LB and KG units by pressing the button to meet different weighing requirements.

Anti-skid feet

The holder is made by rubber material, which has good anti-skid performance, stabilize the scale and easy to weigh.

Auto zero resetting / Auto power off

After leaving the scale for a moment, the scale will enter the state of low power automatic shutdown mode.It will be reset automatically when the scale restart.

Low battery/Overload indicate

When the scale is over-loaded (more than 180kg), the screen will appear "Err",when power is low,the battery indicator will be empty and twinkling.

Capacity: 180kg/396lb


1. Keep balance when weighting,do not shake your body.

2. Static pressure is effective, do not drop it or strike the scale,

3. Do not overload(180kg), otherwise the sensor will be damaged.

4. Please use a damp cloth to clean the scale. Do not use chemical cleaner or solvents to clean the scale.Do not allow water to get inside the scale.

5. To prolong the service life,do not place the product in a wet and hot environment.

6. Improper use,hit or drop will damage the product and cause danger.

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