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Air Fryer



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  • 1

    Main engine

  • 2

    Fry pot

  • 3

    Fry basket

360° rapid air circulate system for heating

Eight blades for wind circulation, frying food fully and more evenly; the air flow replaced the hot oil which can heat and embrittle food rapidly.

200℃ high temperature degreasing

Using the oil which comes from the food so as to decrease lipid and oil, lock the water and nutrition in the food at the same time, to achieve a healthy diet.

1500W high power for cooking rapidly, you don't have to wait the yummy food.

3.2L golden capacity

Large capacity for cooking various kinds of food such as chicken, fish, kabob, pizza, cake, chicken wings, bread, cookies in one step, meets the requirements for a big family.

Timer and temperature control knob

The temperature control knob ranges from 80℃-200℃ to achieve degreasing. The timer can be set 0-30 min according to your food, when time's up, the "ding" sound indicates the food is ready.

Food grade material, BPA free

304 stainless steel for inner pot, ABS plastic for the shell. BPA free, healthy and safety.

Silicone nonstick coating for easy cleaning.

Thanks to the nonstick coating, the inner pot can be cleaned completely only by a gently wipe with a rag.

The fryer pot and the basket detachable, easy to put and take.

Anti-scalding handle with snap release button, push the white snap, then press the release button, the inner pot and basket can be separated easily.

The basket can be pulled out during frying to observe the frying degree.

You can pull out the basket during frying process to season or turn the food over, then push it back to the pot without power off.

Efficient cooling system

Effectively remove heat generated by high temperature, filter the smell and soot generated in the frying process.

Power and heating indicator light

Power indicator light: the indicator light will be on.When the button is 0,the lamp goes out.Heating light:when the temperature did not reach the set value,the light will be on.The light goes out when the temperature is higher than the set value.

The retractable power cord can be hidden in the body, no need to wrap

Roasted chicken drumsticks

1、Marinate the chicken wings

2、Put them into fryer basket

3、Set temp. and time: 180℃/25-30min

Baked cake

1、Prepare the cake batter

2、Pour cake batter into cake basket, then put it into fryer basket

3、Set temp. and time: 180℃/8-15min

French fries

1、Frozen the processed potato strips

2、Put them into fryer basket

3、Set temp. and time: 180℃/18-20min


1. Before cleaning, turn timer to “0” and unplug the fryer until it cools down. Don’t touch the surface before completely cooling.

2. Do not immerse the appliance into water or any other liquid.

3. If the dirt sticks to the bottom of the fryer basket or the pot, soak the bottom of the pot with warm water mixed with cleaning solution for 10 minutes, then wipe gently with a damp cloth to quickly remove the dirt.

4. Do not use other rough detergents, acid pads or steel wool to avoid damage to the appliance.

5. Unplug the appliance when not in use.

6. Store the appliance in a cool dry place if it is not use for a long time.

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