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0.8L coffee grinder



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Encounter a remarkable coffee taste

Encounter a remarkable coffee taste
Fresh grinding of every coffee beans

Fashionable and black appearance

Noble and elegant black body, stainless steel material highlights its fashionable quality.

Coffee beans/powder dual use

Freshly ground coffee beans release the essence by finely grinding, extract the coffee aroma, perfectly maintain the original taste of coffee. Freshly coffee powder brewing in low speed makes you enjoy the great taste of coffee.

Round grinding pan for grinding evenly

Round grinding pan does slowly but powerful grinding, evenly release the coffee essence without destroying the original flavor.

5-speed grinder to control powder thickness

Come with 5 grinding settings, the grinding degree could be adjusted by rotating the lid which could provide a great flavor and meet different kinds of demand.

Customized taste

Coffee strength can be adjusted at your wish, and two flavors satisfied different requirements.

Brewing 2-6 cups per time, suitable for several person

The coffee maker can brew 2-6 cups of coffee per time to ensure freshness and not to waste, suitable for family use.

Removable water tank for easy cleaning

Removable water tank helps to add water and clean easily, make sure the water is always clean and fresh.

Transparent water scale mark in water tank

You could add proper amount of water as you needed according to the water gauge in the transparent tank.

High-density cone filter, easy for remove and cleaning

Fine filter results delicate taste, detachable filter for completely washing

Food-grade and heat resisting carafe, BPA-free body

High quality heat-resisting material has been adopted, food grade and BPA-free to ensure safe.

Anti-drip device to avoid splashing

You can interrupt the coffee brewing process and take out the take the carafe at any time, the coffee will not drip and leave stains, so as to enjoy coffee at any time.

Boil-dry protection

When there is no water in water tank, the machine will enter the stand-by mode to avoid dry boiling.

Encircled PTC insulation system to keep the coffee warm for 35min

The PTC heating element has been adopted to keep the coffee in a proper drinking temperature, no more than 35min


1、Open the water tank lid, add proper water according to your needed

2、Move the filter funnel to the left, pour the appropriate amount of coffee beans, and then re-close the device to the right until it locks.

3、Plug the power and the indicator light will be illuminated.

4、Press the brewing button, the blue indicator light will be illuminated, then press the ON/OFF button to start brewing

5、When the sound is prompted three times, the coffee is ready.


1. The brewed caffeine is partially absorbed by the coffee power during brewing, which is different from the actual cup amount.

2. Do not pour hot water, milk, coffee powder or tea into the water tank.

3. Do not inject water beyond the maximum water level to avoid overflowing when the water is boiling.

4. To prevent machine blockage, do not use unroasted or damp coffee beans to avoid damaging the machine.

5. Please cut off the power supply before cleaning the machine to prevent electric shock.

6. Please use hot foam water to clean funnel, filter, filter cover and glass pot.

7. Please wipe the bottom of the container and the surface of the product with a soft wet cloth to remove stains.

8. Wipe the heating base a wet cloth and do not use detergent to clean it so as not to damage the base.

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