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Ionic Hair Dryer



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    Hair Dryer

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Salon-level hairdressing experience, Advanced negative ion technology for professional hair care.

Negative ion generator leaves your hair shiny and silk smooth, lock in moisture. Solve static problem and protect your head skin, provides you a high level hairdressing experience.

Fashionable appearance with black and metal shell.

High gloss materials has been adopted to create bright texture and smooth lines, the high-end body made you admired it.

2400 strong power, dry hair quickly

DC motor with six blades delivering strong consistent airflow in 14.2m/s to dry your hair in less time

Three heat settings, hot and cold wind adjustable

Hot wind provides high temperature to dry your hair quickly; Warm wind in mid-temperature for styling; Cool wind is soft and natural which is more suitable for summer.

Two speeds for healthy drying

High speed delivers strong wind to dry your hair in a short time. Low speed setting for drying and styling flexibility.

Independent cool shot releases cool air quickly

Shrift to Cool Shot in one button, alternative use the hot and cool wind to lock-in the style easily and quickly.

Nozzle design for centralized wind power, efficient blowing straight

Professional design of the wind nozzle, rapid drying of hair, high concentration of wind power, blowing hair style, with the cold wind to enhance the modeling effect.

Professional hood to create natural curls

The airflow is even and soft, styling quickly, care your hair in large-area. Not only natural curly hair can be styled, but also enhance the hair texture and make it full of vitality.

Detachable filter

The outer layer using fence type design, to prevent inhalation of hair and ensure air inlet angle in the suction state. Removable filter to facilitate the timely clean up.

Overheating protection

Thermostat and temperature fuse are built in, and the power will be automatically cut off when overheated so as to reduce the wastage and prolong the service life.

A simple hook makes it easy for storage

A rubber hook at the bottom of handle for hanging in the wall surface.


1. Please keep the product out of the reach of children.

2. Please apply power first then flip the switch on to use

3. Please notice whether the air outlet of hair drier is unobstructed.

4. During use, if it appears abnormal phenomenon like the emergence of burning smell, power cords smoking and other situation, turn off the power immediately, wait to use it until finding out the reasons for troubleshooting.

5. The outlet temperature is high, do not touch to avoid scalding.

6. Please store in a dry place , avoid to be affected with damp

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