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Ionic Hair Dryer



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Anion technology Hydra hair care

Soft touch, lasting moist, smooth and easy to care.

Anion can instantly penetrate each layer of hair, lock moisture and allow it to reach the roots of the hair, smooth the hair cuticle damage, prevent crack and static electricity,care hair and give greater vitality to it.

2400W high power,rapidly hair drying

Two-speed wind, Three-gear temperature

Soft wind of high-power, 5 minutes to dry hair. Heat and wind combined, easy to get a good hair style.

Cool shot button

Designed for drying hair and styling

Free to switch between cold and warm wind, quick styling hair by alternating hot and cold air.

Automatic power off for over-heat protection

When the hair dryer outlet temperature is too high, it will automatically disconnect to protect the damaged of machine parts, and it can be re-boot after cooling.

Nozzle design for centralized wind power, efficient blowing straight

Professional design of the wind nozzle, rapid drying of hair, high concentration of wind power, blowing hair style, with the cold wind to enhance the modeling effect.

Professional hood to create natural curls

Large wind area for hair, effective shaping, you can blow out more natural curls, enhance the hair texture, make hair full of vigor and vitality.

Intimate hanging ring design, convenient for storage.


1. Please keep the product out of the reach of children.

2. Please apply power first then flip the switch on to use

3. Please notice whether the air outlet of hair drier is unobstructed.

4. During use, if it appears abnormal phenomenon like the emergence of burning smell, power cords smoking and other situation, turn off the power immediately, wait to use it until finding out the reasons for troubleshooting.

5. The outlet temperature is high, do not touch to avoid scalding.

6. Please store in a dry place , avoid to be affected with damp

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