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Mechanical Stand fan



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Brings cool for you in the whole summer

Three variable speed settings

Weak: enjoy gentle breeze, suitable for babies; Medium: brings comfortable flows and wipes out heats Strong: produces powerful flows and blows away your worry. The maximum air quantity is 59.32 m³/min

A broad wind coverage

Ajustable pitch angle, left-and-right oscillation with a degree of 80 for a broad room coverage

Rotary expansion vertical bar which can adjust the height of the fan.

A safety grid cover keeps off fingers.

With Midea SSRM motor

Stably running, low-noise and long life-span

High quality PP fan blades with exquisite work

Mechanical buttons, easy to operate

The base is stable thanks to the holders that usually used in umbrellas.


1. When the fan was assembled, the rotor blade guard shall not be taken off anymore.

2. Never insert fingers, pencils, or any other object through the grill when fan is running.

3. Be sure fan is on a stable surface when operating to avoid overturning.

4. When the appliance is not in use or before cleaning, unplug the appliance from the outlet.

5. Please wipe the exterior parts with a soft cloth soaking a mild detergent.

6. Do not use fan near window, rain may cause electrical hazard.

7. Do not allow water or any other liquid into the motor housing or interior parts.

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