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Hair Dryer



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Petard series

Mini electric drier

Smooth wind, bringing a tango with flowers and fire, dancing lightly in your hair

Mini designs Suitable for travel

Light weight, small volume, easy to carry, can be easily placed in the suitcases and backpacks.

Gentle hair care No harm

Two heat setting , whether it is gently blow dry power or quickly blow dry hair can reduce the damage of your hair to minimum.

Dry hair Coherent styling

1400W wind concentrator nozzle concentrated to blow specific part of hair, bringing flash drying effects and more beautiful style.

Folding handles Flexible storage

Unique folding handle,reduce the size to minimum, easy to carry and storage.

Lightweight and convenient Intimate partner

The position of rubber ring located at the bottom of the handle will give you one more choice to store it, and it is particularly convenient whether at home or in hotel.


1. Please keep the product out of the reach of children.

2. Please apply power first then flip the switch on to use

3. Please notice whether the air outlet of hair drier is unobstructed.

4. During use, if it appears abnormal phenomenon like the emergence of burning smell, power cords smoking and other situation, turn off the power immediately, wait to use it until finding out the reasons for troubleshooting.

5. The outlet temperature is high, do not touch to avoid scalding.

6. Please store in a dry place , avoid to be affected with damp

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