Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main parts of a coffee maker?

Water pump, control panel, heating elements.


2. What if the lid of the electric kettle doesn't pop out?

This is due to the lid being opened with too much force, so that the lid spring can not spring back. Lightly open and close the lid during use.

3. How to return or exchange the product which has quality problem?

Depending on the Company return and exchange policy.


4. What's the market positioning and advantages of our produtcs?

The market positioning of our products is mid-to-high-end. We take product innovation, technological innovation, and value innovation as our responsibility, to provide customers with high-value-added, high-quality and low-cost products. The advantages of our products: we solves the heat dissipation problem well, optimized structure, beautiful appearance, the light source and IC used are from world-class well-known manufacturers, and the products have obtained a number of independent intellectual property rights.


5. Compare to similar industries, what's the advantages of our products?

1. Our products has no heat dissipation problems.

2. We owned multiple independent property rights.

3. The power source and integrated circuit plate we used are made by the best suppliers around the world.

4. The power source technology is come from IC system from the USA and Europe to ensure safety use.


6. The Air fryer (CUBE) can not be turned on.

If the air fryer cannot be turned on, please read our troubleshooting suggestions below to easily solve the problem yourself.

1. Too many products are plugged into the same power outlet

If too many products are plugged into the same power outlet, the air fryer may not work. Please unplug other products or use other sockets.

2. The plug is not correctly inserted into the power outlet

Please make sure that the plug of the air fryer is correctly inserted into the power outlet.


7. How to clean the frying pan and frying basket of an air fryer ?

You can use hot water, detergent and soft sponge to clean the frying pan and basket of the air fryer. Remember the following points:

Before cleaning, allow the air fryer cool for about 30 minutes

The frying pan and basket of the air fryer have a non-stick coating. Do not use metal kitchen utensils or abrasive cleaning materials for cleaning, as this may damage the non-stick coating.

If food residues stick to the bottom of the frying pan, add hot water and detergent to the frying pan and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Soaking will loosen the residue in the frying pan and make it easier to remove. Make sure to use a cleaner that can remove grease.

Note: If fat stains appear on the frying pan or basket and cannot be removed with cleaning agents, a liquid degreaser with stronger cleaning power can be used. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

1. What is the advantage of the high-power LED lighting comparing to traditional lighting?

1.High optical efficiency. 2.Saving energy. 3.Multi-color light. 4.Safe.   5.Diversity of designs. 6.Long usage. 7.Rapid response. 8.Well-designed structure. 9.Environment friendly. 

2. What is the Lumen of the current high-power LED lighting?

In the market at the moment the Lumen of a single LED lighting with 1 W is 60-75 LM/W, with small power ones it is 70-100LM/W.

3. What are the essential factors which affects the usage of LED lighting?

1. The usage life of the power supply.
2. The LED light decay and the composed thermal structure itself.
3. The whole package of the thermal design.

4. What do I need to pay attention to if I want to buy a good LED lighting?

1, Is the area of the thermal structure big enough?
2. What is the brand of the power supply?
3.Is the shell of the lamp made of high- quality metal material?
4. Is the light spot uniform without glare?
5. How long is the usage of the battery?
6. Are the certificates of the products equipped?
7. Does the exterior of the product nice and delicate?
8. Are there scratches or other defect on the surface?

5. What is the market position of our company, what's the advantage?

Our company aims at the high level area, providing our clients with creativity, high technology and high-quality low-price products. We've solved the problem of the thermal system and designed delicate models of all kinds of our products. The power supply and the IC which are used in our products are from the best supplies in the world. Besides, we have acquired many independent intellectual property rights for our products.

6. If there's any quality problem with the product, how can we return or change our products?

We have general change policies for change or return products for you.

7.Comparing to other LED companies, what's the advantage of our company?

1.Our product solves the problem of the radiating. 2. Many independent intellectual property rights. 3. The power supply and the IC which are used in our products are from the best supplies in the world. 4. The power supply technique is brought from the IC system of US and Europe to guarantee the usage.

8. What's the advantage of the LED T8 to ordinary lamp tube?

1. Low cost, high effect, the Lumen is above 100 lm/w.
2. Excellent light resolution, good for the reaction and identification from users, no blinking and no harm to eyes.
3. Cold light, no heat radiation, no harmful metal such as mercury, environment friendly.
4. Easy to install, long usage, low cost maintenance.

9. What is the advantage of the LED bulb than the ordinary bulb?

1. Excellent color resolution, up to Ra90.
2. Large chip size lamp beats, Lumens up to 100lm/w.
3. The use of composite materials with thermal function, safe and reliable.
4. The use of cold forged aluminum with high thermal optimum capacity to meet large power bulb.
5. Imported GE uniform diffusion cover, high light efficiency, excellent uniformity.
6. The body of the lamp is delicately designed, with classic touch. Easy to install, simple to adjust.

10. What's the advantage of the LED ceiling spotlights comparing to ordinary spotlights?

1. Only 36 mm height, very light.
2. Integrated thermal design, aluminum structure, to ensure longer usage life.
3. High power with high brightness LED power supply, with high efficiency constant current drive.
4. Using high-quality lens, high concentrating effect, high transmittance.

11. What's the advantage of the LED super thin down lamp than the traditional down lamps?

1. Integrated thermal design, aluminum structure, to ensure longer usage life.
2. Super thin size, the height is only 49 mm.
3. High uniformity, low glare, perfect light effect.
4. Professional industrial design and optical design, to create a elegant optical environment.

12. What's the characteristics of the color temperature of the LED lamps?

The color temperature refers to the color change that human eyes perceive when light wave changes according to different energy. When color temperature of the power supply differs, the color of the light differs too. The color temperature below 3300k creates a warm feeling, between 3000-5000k we call middle color temperature, it creates a smooth readily feeling, above 5000 k it gives a cold feeling. With all kinds of combination of the color temperatures and colors we can create best environments and feelings, such as
Color temperature above 5000k, with cold color (white with blue), cold atmosphere; Color temperature between 3300-5000K: light color for the middle (white), refreshing atmosphere effect; Color temperature <3300K: warm light color (reddish white), steady solemn atmosphere effect.

13. How to judge the effect of energy saving lamp?

When without equipments of instruments, we can only judge with our naked eyes to feel if it's bright, if the energy saving lamp actually save energy. So in this situation we can judge with some comparison. The best way to do is to light up same power two energy saving lamps, try to see which one is brighter. Good energy saving lamps produce rich lights which glares the eyes, bad ones feel more like candles of a T12 fluorescent tube, or even worse.

14. Why when turning on the energy saving lamps, sometimes the tubes are dark, sometimes the tubes are light?

Because the energy-saving lamps are gas discharge lamps, the mercury when just lit is still in the liquid state, sometimes when the energy-saving lamps is in horizon, the mercury inside may flow uneven resulting in brightness varied. After working properly for 1-2 minutes, after mercury turns into gas filling in the tube, the brightness will be even.

1. What are the reasons for home-use switch and socket burning?

1. Short circuit:examine the accident spot or each electrical terminal end, such as socket, electrical device to see if there exists the short circuit condition. The instantaneous current caused by short circuit is the main reason for socket burning. 2.Load: Examine and count the total power of all the electrical devices to see if it exceeds the breaker's load and works overload. 3. Circuit aging: examine if the power supply wires are aging; 4. Examine if there is inherent quality problem of the socket which cause short circuit and damage; 5.The screws are not tightened when wiring: electrician did not tighten the screws when install switch panel, touching area is small, when the large amount of electricity being used, the socket will heat, and then burn and turn black after long time use. 6. Plug and unplug the plug,the position is incorrect, or shaking will cause burning;7. the plug is incompatible to the socket: for example,the socket used accord with the international standard, while the plug used is European or other standard, which will cause the socket burning.


2. When the universal travel socket is used as a USB charging module, there is a copper piece leaking out of the circular recess at the lower end, is this metal copper piece an electric shock hazard?

The copper piece is an earth electrode and there is no risk of electric shock.


3. What is the working theory of socket adaptor?

Socket adaptor converts one kind of plug into another kind of plug(e.g. telephone power plug, USB charging plug, computer power plug, which allowing plug in different countries can be converted.) The working principle is quite simple: one adaptor has one or more sockets for plugging, through which is convenient to connect with other circuits.


4. After renovation, can these switches and sockets be cleaned with detergents?

These commonly used detergents, such as kitchen heavy oil cleaner, toilet cleaner, tile cleaner, glue remover are good helper for house cleaning.


5. Different transmission rate of USB socket.

The USB socket is a safe and energy-saving universal socket with USB interface. It has the following advantages:  charging low-voltage appliances by simply connecting them to the USB socket with a USB plug cable; automatic power-off protection; extending the life of the equipment; saving electricity and eliminating potential dangers.


6. What is terminal ?

The terminal is an accessory product used to achieve electrical connection, which is divided into the category of connector industrially. Terminal is to facilitate the connection of wires, which is actually a section of metal sealed inside of insulating plastic. Both ends of the terminal have holes that can be inserted with the wire, and there are screws for fastening or loosening, such as two wires, which sometimes need to be connected and sometimes need to be disconnected, in this case a terminal can be used for easy connection and disconnection, without having to weld or wind them together, making wire connection convenient and quick..


7. What is wall socket with a switch?

The so-called socket with switch is a socket panel integrated with a switch module, through the switch can control the electrical appliances on the socket, for example, household appliances through the socket connected to the power supply. When use, just turn on the switch; while not in use, you do not need to pull out the plug, just turn the switch off. The plug does not need to be pulled in and out.


8. How to select switch contact?

When selecting switch contact, pay attention to the size (the larger the better), and the material. As it is silver or silver alloy material, some low quality products only brushed with a layer of silver in the contact part to replace the contact, or two contacts are not in the same size, so the conductive property of the product and instantaneous breaking capacity are greatly affected.

9. Daily maintenance of switch and socket

1. Reduce unnecessary operation. Repeated use of the switch will increase electricity consumption, and also reduce the service life, in the process of switching on and off, the operating parts of the switch will wear. 2.when using a socket with switch, insert the plug first and then switch on; when plugging out, switch off first and then pull out the plug. This will reduce the wear and tear on the copper. 3. Keep clean and avoid water cleaning.Only wipe the surface with a dry cloth to avoid electric shock.


10. Why should we use a leakage protector?

The leakage protector, also known as the leakage protection switch, is a new type of electrical safety device whose main uses are: ① to prevent electric shock accidents caused by leakage from electrical equipment and electrical lines; ② to prevent single-phase electric shock in the process of using electricity; ③ to cut off single-phase ground faults in the operation of electrical equipment in time to prevent electrical fire accidents caused by leakage.


11. How to choose a socket with switch?

Points to note in the selection of a socket with switch: 1. the material is generally plastic, with insulation to prevent the risk of leakage, high temperature resistance, non-flammable; 2. the bottom layer of switch and socket has a support structure to increase their resistance to compression; 3. the thickness of the steel frame can ensure the solidity of the switch and socket and the internal copper part of the switch and socket is especially important. Be careful when selecting; 4. the jack of a good socket is tighter, not easy to insert, need to shake to insert; 5. when we press the switch, there is a sound can be heard, which is generated by the contact from two metal pieces or metal balls.


12. What do the last two digits of IP protection grade mean?

The first digit represents protection against ingress of electricity and solid objects; the second digit represents protection against ingress of liquids.

Q1. What happens when the Wi-Fi signal is not good?

A: If the Wi-Fi signal is not good, the device control and push alarm would be delayed (even not push), please keep Wi-Fi signal in smooth state.


Q2. Why can’t I reconfigure the network of the device after removing the device from the APP.?

A: Hello. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please troubleshoot in the following ways:

When you removed the device from the APP, it just be removed from cloud server, which not indicates that it will enter network configuration state automatically (blue tooth devices and lighting devices will enter network configuration state automatically after being removed from the APP. ) If the device is not in network configuration state (flashing quickly or slowly), please follow the guide steps to reset the device as network configuration state.


Q3. Why does the light not go on properly after being turned on?

A: If your APP has been connected to the internet, you can turn on the light by the APP. If it still can’t be lit, turn the device on-off-on-off-on, then reconfigure the network.


Q4. Frequent switching actions cause the device to be out of control, how to recover?

A: Frequent switching actions may cause the device fail to respond and out of control, in this case, waiting for a few minutes, the device will recover to a normal state.


Q5. How to check if my device is offline ?

A: If you want to know whether your device is offline in your App, check the device state on the app device list. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Q6. My device has some problems, how to restore factory settings ?

A: Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Click the button on the upper right corner on device control screen and enter the “device settings” screen, click “remove the device - untie and clear all data” on the bottom to remove the device from the device list, at the same time, the relevant device data will also be cleared, we suggest you to reconfigure the network to add the device.


Q7. Why is the Living room, Bedroom, Second bedroom etc. shown in Chinese in the APP when my phone language is English?

A: Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. This is because the language of room name is depend on the language you set when you log in the APP first time, no matter what language you switch to afterwards, the language of room name will not change. You can change the room name on “room management”.


Q8. How to delete an existing family?

A: Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Please operate as followings:

Open the APP, click “Me”

Click “My family”

Click the “family” that you want to delete

Click “Delete family” on the bottom


Q9. How to delete/add a room?

A: Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Please operate as followings:

Click “...” on the home page, you will enter room management screen.

Click “Add rooms” at the bottom to add a new room.

Click the button on the upper right corner on “room management” screen to adjust the order of your rooms, you can click the left red button to delete unwanted rooms.


Q10. Why I turn on the lights through the audio control, but the lights in the living room and bedroom are turned on?

Hello. We apologize for the inconvenience. You need to modify the name of one of the devices to distinguish it, or you need to say "Open XX in the living room" to the smart speaker.